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What is square dancing?
Who can square dance?
How hard is it to learn?
Do I have to attend every week?
Is square dancing physically challenging?

What is square dancing?

Square dancing is choreographed walking where everyone follows directions given by a caller, in time to music. If you can keep the square moving and everyone gets back to their home spot with their original partner, it’s a celebration.

Who can square dance?

All ages can learn to square dance. That said, most square dance lessons tend to focus on adults since younger people and people with kids tend to have other demands on their time. 

How hard is it to learn to square dance?

Did you like playing “Simon Says” as a kid? With Square Dancing, your goal is to learn the calls, remember the steps and perform the steps when the call is given. 

Do I have to attend every week?

Learning to square dance is like learning a language. Each class uses material taught the previous week. Missing classes is hard on you AND hard on other students when you come back not knowing the latest calls. If you have to miss a class here or there, let your instructor know in advance. 

Is Square Dancing physically challenging?

If you can walk briskly for 15-minute periods, then you should be able keep up in a square dance. It's a stress-free workout you'll be able to do the rest of your life. Step-counters use square dancing to up their daily step tallies. The great thing about square dancing it’s all about walking in time to music. The caller tells you exactly what to do. 

Do I have to buy special clothing?

No. Come to class wearing clothing that makes you comfortable - jeans and slacks are most common.  

What kind of music is used in Square Dancing?

We dance to a wide variety of tunes. You are apt to hear some favorites in each class. Music can range from the Beatles to Beyoncé!

Do I need a partner to Square Dance?

Nope! Lots of people come on their own, others come with a spouse, and still others bring a friend or two. You will find the people in your class will become friends very quickly and everyone dances with everyone else.

Can I drink and Square Dance?

Definite nope! Square Dancing and alcohol do not mix. Alcohol hinders the ability to learn new calls and to remember calls already taught. Lessons and dances are always alcohol-free events – but AFTER the dance or lesson, it’s fun to go out with dance friends for “adult beverages.” ​

What can I really expect from Square Dancing?

You will meet people from all walks of life and make new friends. You will learn an activity that is mentally challenging and provides a way to sharpen your mind, improve your memory, and keep you cognitively fit. You will go on wild and crazy adventures. You will do things you never expected you would do. 

Do I need special clothing?
What kind of music is used?
Do I need a partner?
Can I drink alcohol before dancing?
What can I expect?
Come Try Square Dancing!
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