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As long as you can walk, generally know your right from your left, and like to laugh, you can learn to Square Dance. Together with seven other people in your square, your goal is to follow directions given by the caller, all at a brisk walking pace. It’s teamwork set to music.

Square Dancing is like “Simon Says” for adults. With its brisk walking pace, minimal twists and turns, and multi-call vocabulary, Square Dancing blurs the lines between mental sport and dance hobby, amateur and pro, celebrity and mortal. 


Why learn to Square Dance? Square dancing is a fun exercise outing that works both head and feet. Square Dance lessons will teach you the calls you’ll need to know to attend dances. Square Dance classes can be the perfect date night active evening out, as well as a way to make new friends in a safe, alcohol-free setting. See our FAQ {} page for more details about this all-American dance form.


Who can learn to Square Dance? Singles and couples, empty-nesters and working folk. The age-range tends to be mainly adults, as kids and young people tend to have many other activities demanding attention. 

couple dancing james and jill.jpg

Sounds intriguing! Where can I give Square Dancing a try?

Click to go to the page to find details about free introductory Square Dance events happening around the greater Chicago area. Then click the date/location link to receive an email with full details about Square Dancing in your area.  

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